Thursday, March 24, 2016


We will be attending the Saturday April 9th Singing Auditions:10:30AM-6PM (you will be required to perform a monologue, too) and we will be one of over 40 producers, theater companies, writers and directors who will be sitting in on two days of auditions (Sunday is non-musical but we will not be attending).

So if there are any actors who follow us, interested in us or the auditions, note this email from TRU we received yesterday:

"We are offering a special discount in case you wanted to refer any actors you know that are interested in the Audition Event. 

They will automatically be accepted.

Because we have passed "Early Bird Registration," the fee is $85 on the website for Non-TRU Members. With your referral, your actor referrals will get the TRU-Member price of $65.

When applying for the Audition Event, the actor will choose the "$65 TRU MEMBERSHIP" option when asked to choose a payment option. Although there is no place online to submit a discount code, the discount will still apply All they need to do is send an email to TRUSTAFF1@GMAIL.COM and mention you referred them to secure that they are being charged at the discounted rate.

If there is anyone in particular that may have financial hesitations, please let me know, we might be able to work out a "starving artist" discount."

FYI from The Killing Kompany: at least 5 actresses who work with us regularly, we found at these auditions.