Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Perhaps you have already read about the gunfight re-enactment in the Old West town of Tombstone tin which two people were hit with bullets during a show that was supposed to involve blanks. According to the town mayor, someone inspects weapons used in the gunfight skits to ensure the performers use blanks but the actor who fired the live rounds showed up late and his gun was not examined.


This never happens in our shows because we do not use real guns that fire blanks: we use stage props blank firing replicas. They match the appearance of real guns yet are entirely safe because the barrel is plugged in compliance with Federal law. They look authentic, are full sized with working action and they weigh and feel just like the originals. And as an additional safety factor, our blank firing replicas guns come with a red dot in the end of the barrel. They cannot be converted to fire live ammo.

And finally, the only actor in our shows who actually fires the replica has over 30 years experience...but all actors are trained in gun safety.

Stage prop guns are loud so we warn you several times in the show: if you see an actor pull out a gun and you have sensitive ears - put your hands over your ears!