Saturday, December 26, 2015


And we had a number of them. Congratulations and a thank you to all who attended our public and private shows in December.

December 4, 2015: Holiday greetings from Ace Detective NIKKI ROKITA and seasons greetings to all who attended our holiday show at WEST POINT CLUB in West Point!

December 5, 2015: Oh what fun it is to ride a murder mystery at LONG BEACH CLUB in Long Beach when Ace Detective CORINNE O'DONNELL is there to solve the crime!

December 12, 2015: So who was on Santa's naughty list at THE VIEWS AT MT. FUJI in Hillburn? Must have been SHAUN, our Ace Detective!

December 16, 2015: We found our favorite Ace Detective at VITALS because ANTHONY BRANCO solves crime like an expert!

December 17, 2015: And at JB was too good looking to be a killer so he got to be an Ace Detective at this corporate event!

December 19, 2015: Hey - KEITH MANERI came all the way from Brooklyn to solve the murder at MINERALS RESORT & SPA so - fuggedaboudit - he's an Ace Detective!

December 22, 2015: Murder was not a human resource at NORTH SHORE-LIJ but Ace Detective ROBERT DAVIDE certainly was!